Our forces continue supporting and enabling Operation Humanity & Security in the al-Hol camp

To the Media and Public Opinion:

Operation Humanity & Security launched by the Internal Security Forces of NE Syria to hunt down the ISIS terrorist cells and drain the extremist environment in the al-Hol camp has entered the day 22nd, and it is proceeding according to the plan and the targets set in advance by the command of the operation.

 Our forces that supported and enabled the ISF in this operation have conducted an initial assessment of the results achieved during the operation and the vital necessity to continue the operation to stifle the terrorist cells and their enabling environments. Our forces confirm their commitment to continue supporting and enabling the operation until achieving its goals, stifling the ISIS cells inside and outside the camp by conducting joint precise intelligence operations with the International Coalition against ISIS, draining the terrorism resources, and preventing them from impunity. 

 The camp residents had suffered violence and slavery at the hands of ISIS terrorist cells and women, therefore; they are in most need for more urgent safety measures by our forces, in addition to greater attention by the international community.  


SDF Media Center

September 15, 2022

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