Our forces uncover one of the largest weapons caches since al-Bagouz battle and thwart a terrorist scheme

In continuation of Operation Humanity & Security 2 and through precise security operations, our forces have confiscated a large number of weapons, ammunition, and explosives belonging to ISIS cells that were hidden in Qirewan village, the southern countryside of Tal-Hamis.

Based on precise intelligence and the confessions of several terrorists arrested earlier in the al-Hol camp during the recent operations, our forces were able to locate and track those weapons where the terrorist cells were using a farm as a cache to collect and store weapons.

Our forces started investigations to reveal the supply lines, the route of smuggling, and the members of facilitators.

This cache is considered one of the largest caches to be seized by our forces after the battle of al-Baghouz and the second strong blow to be dealt to the ISIS cells since the battle of Al-Sina’a prison in al-Hasaka.

Based on the initial investigations and intelligence information, the terrorist cell was planning to use these weapons in a potential attack on the al-Hol camp, the eastern countryside of the al-Hasaka, in parallel with the last attack on the al-Sina’a prison. After their failed attack on the al-Sina’a prison, ISIS switched to plan B which is attacking the al-Hol camp. However, the dangerous terrorist scheme has been thwarted, thanks to the security measures taken by our forces, the rapid intervention operations, and arresting many members of the terrorist cells.

The terrorist acts of the ISIS cells coincided with threats and attacks of the Turkish occupation against our NE Syria regions.

It is quite clear that there were coordination, collaboration, and the relation between the Turkish occupation attacks and ISIS plans. That coordination has increased between the two sides after our successful operations against ISIS that have deprived ISIS of any chance of resurgence, putting an end to the assistance being provided by the Turkish occupation to the terrorist cells to launch their attacks in conjunction with possible Turkish aggression.

All the investigations conducted by our forces proved the clear coordination between the two parties. The attacks and aggressions of the first side give the chance to the other side (the defeated ISIS cells) to reorganize itself.

This operation is considered another strong blow dealt to the terrorist organization ISIS and its supporters by reducing its capabilities, and it confirms once again the serious threat of ISIS amid ignoring by international parties of the conditions helping those terrorist cells to survive, foremost of which are the threats of the Turkish occupation.

Our forces which have made great sacrifices and saved the region in Syria and the world from the danger of the terrorist organization ISIS, affirm their commitment to continue the legitimate struggle against the terrorist organization in the region and against all threats, and once again, they call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and duties towards our regions that are being subjected to ISIS’s attacks in parallel with the attacks of the Turkish occupying State which is aiming at occupying more Syrian territories and hit the security and stability in the region.

The following are the weapons confiscated in the Qirewan cache:



1- AK 47  – 58

2 – M72 LAW  1

3 – MG3 rifle   1

4- Silancer     84

5- hand grenades  19

6 – AK 47 magazines  596

7 – Pistol Magazines   2

8 – M16 magazines   2

9- night scope    1

10 – RPG 7 scope  1

11 – quivers    38

12 – quivers for marine use 40

13 – RPG 7 rockets   200

14 – RPG 7 shells 149

15 – AK 47 rounds  12310

16 – BKC rounds  3140

17 – M 16 rounds  5400

18 – AKC rounds  900

19 – Machin gun 12,5 rounds    79

20 – Mobil phone used for remote detonation   358

21 –  wireless devices   5

22 – ground IEDs    5

23 – IEDs for vehicls    14

24 – large amount of explosive materials  TNT , for IDEs use


SDF Media Center

September 28, 2022

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