Our SDF forces receive more than 100 forcibly deported from Turkey

The SDF has received more than 100 civilians, including elders, women, and children, in areas close to the front lines in the village of Al-TirwazIya, the eastern countryside of Raqqa. The 100 civilians had been forcibly deported from the refugee camps located in the Turkish Occupying State.

Upon their arrival in our areas, our SDF provided them with relief assistance and first aid. They were exhausted and stranded, moreover, some of them were urgently hospitalized since they were tortured by the Turkish police.

One of the forcibly deported men said, “While I was on my way to work, suddenly the Turkish police arrested me without any accusation, I was subjected to severe torture at the police station, and then they transferred me to a prison-like camp in the desert surrounded by a fence with tight security”

He added, “They promised the Syrians to grant them the citizenship cards, but they were lying. Turkey treated us badly, and no one defended us. The Turkish police force Syrian refugees to sign a deportation document by which the deportee became banned from entering Turkish territory for five years”

Another deportee said, “The Turkish army tortured us brutally when we were arrested at the border, some of us fainted due to brutal torture.”
These criminal practices by the Turkish Occupying State attest to its inhuman nature.



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