People of the Al-Jazeera region bid farewell to the martyrs Zeyneb and Beritan in al-Hasaka city

Residents of al-Hasaka city, SDF officials, YPJ, and members of civil institutions participated, on 28 September, in the funeral ceremony of two martyrs, the first is the co-chair of the Justice and Reform Affairs Office in the aL-Jazeera region, Zeyneb Mohamed, who was martyred while on duty due to Turkish UAV strike on Derik road. The second one is Nermin Sino who was also martyred while she was on duty in the city of Tabqa.
The funeral ceremony was begun with a minute of silence in tribute to the souls of the martyrs, followed by a military parade displayed by SDF and YPJ fighters.
Evindar Derik, a member of the al-Jazeera military council delivered a speech during which she offered condolences to the families of the two martyrs and said, “The revolution in NE Syria is known across the world as the “Women’s Revolution”, through the resistance of the YPJ. and the SDF”.
Derik stressed that over the past 10 years, the people of NE Syria fought the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world, and were victorious, but paid heavy costs.
At the end of the military ceremony, the documents of the two martyrs were read and given to their families, then the bodies of the martyrs were buried in the holy soil amid chantings glorifying the Martyr’s resistance and struggle.


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