The First Week Outcome, Operation Humanity & Security 2, al-Hol camp

To the Media and Public Opinion:

The resurgence attempts of ISIS and reorganizing pose a threat to local, regional, and international security and stability. ISIS has upgraded its terrorist tactics from sleeper cells and reconnaissance to active cells and big terrorist acts, such as the attack on the al-Sina’a prison in al-Hasaka, taking advantage of the recent developments and the intensive prevalence of its remnants stationing in the Syrian desert and on the Iraqi-Syrian borders, in addition to the facilities and support provided by the Turkish Occupying State to the ISIS leaders in the Turkish occupied areas, let alone the recently repeated aggressions against our areas and our forces.
Our humanity, security, and moral duties towards our people and the IDPs of the al-Hol camp, the most vulnerable victims of ISIS extremist ideology, motivated us, the Internal Security Forces, to launch, on August 25th, the second phase of Operation Humanity & Security that had been launched last year. A week after the beginning of the operation that goes as planned, we show you the outcome of the week as follows:
Sweeping more than 50% of the camp and arresting 121 terrorists affiliated with ISIS including 15 women. Our forces have uncovered 16 tunnels and trenches used by ISIS cells to hide and escape from the camp and confiscated a lot of digging equipment, 48 mobile phones and smart devices, one laptop, one Hard Disk Drive (HDD), M 16 rifle, ammunition, and Turkish military uniform with Turkish flag badges and insignia.
In addition, we have demolished 119 tents that were used by ISIS as training centers and courts for imposing executions and torture sentences.
According to initial investigations, most of the arrestees are linked directly to the sleeper cells supported by the Turkish intelligence outside the camp in the Turkish-occupied areas, Syrian Desert, and Iraqi-Syrian borders.
The huge quantity of killing and torture equipment found in the camp and that were used by ISIS cells against the camp residents, in addition to the hotbeds used as places to trial the victims to be brutally executed, confirm the ISIS cells’ determination to follow ISIS terrorist ideology, intimidating the camp IDPs, and forcing them to obey their orders and join them.
Moreover, the designated places for extremist religious training were meant to prepare a new generation of ISIS terrorists.
Operation Humanity & Security 2 will last until achieves its goals of securing the lives of the camp residents, depriving ISIS cells of the environment that enables them to spread the extremist ideology among the camp children.
Our forces are fully committed to facilitating the access of relief and medical assistance to all camp residents during the operation and confirming their compliance with the human rights precepts. On this basis, we call on once again the local and international organizations to provide humanitarian and psychological support to the camp residents.

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