The Internal Security Forces thwart an attempted terrorist attack on the al-Hol camp

On September 21st, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) thwarted an attempted terrorist attack on the al-Hol camp

In a statement published on its official website, the ISF said that they were able to detect a dangerous terrorist scheme by ISIS to attack the al-Hol camp using two car VBIEDs.

The ISF ambushed the terrorist cell near the village of Um Fakik (20 km to the north of al-Hol town) and clashed with them. The terrorist cell detonated one of the VBIEDs that resulted in killing three terrorists and one injured.

The ISF dismantled the second VBIED contained a tank filled with 300 kg of explosives, and confiscated three Kalashnikovs, eight magazines, and 240 bullets.

One of the ISF fighters was slightly injured during the operation.

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