Two civilians martyred and five more were injured as a result of Turkish occupation bombing on the town of Zirgan

On Tuesday 27 September, 2 civilians were martyred and 5 more including women and children were wounded as a result of the Turkish occupation bombing on the village of Misherfa – the northern countryside of Zirgan town .
Naif Abdulkadir Hayawi and Rima Ismail Hayawi are the two civilians who lost their life in the bombing , while Rahaf Qataf, Haja’a Hayawi , Judi Hayawi , Dunya Ismail and Fayez Hayawi are the civilians who have been wounded .
All the wounded were transfered to the hospital in the city of Al-Derbasiyah as well as to Hasakah hospitals .
The Turkish occupation and the Syrian mercenary groups have deliberately escalated its brutal aggression against the regions of NE Syria where a Turkish drone has targeted on the same day a civilian vehicle in the village of Til-Jamal that led to the martyrdom of two civilians moreover the building of the Autonomous Administration in city center of Kobani was bombed by a Turkish drone caused material damage .

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