Anna Campbell, the Eighth British Martyr in NE Syria

The Martyr Anna Campbell is from Lewes, UK. she was a dedicated anarchist and passionate feminist who struggle for freedom.
Anna was a core member of the Empty Cages Collective and an active organizer in many anti-prison projects and campaigns. She participated in many campaigns and activities that call for freedom, democracy, and women’s liberation.

When the social and feminist revolution started in NE Syria and with the beginning of the war against ISIS, Anna told her father that she is going to go there and join the struggle against ISIS and help in building a democratic society.
Upon her arrival in NE Syria, Anna joined the YPJ and received intensive military training, and learned the basics of the Kurdish language, and she chose the code name Helîn Qerecox.
While she was fighting with YPJ fighting ISIS in its last strongholds in Deir Ezzor, the Turkish occupation launched field and air attacks against Afrin to occupy the city and to relieve pressure on the defeated ISIS.
part of the YPJ fighters headed to Afrin to defend the city against the barbaric Turkish attack at that time anna was not allowed to go there and fight, so she dyed her blonde hair black to appear less conspicuous as a westerner and said “ Either I will go home and abandon the life as a revolutionary or you send me to Afrin. But I would never leave the revolution, so I will go to Afrin”
Anna got what she wanted and she went to Afrin to fight with her YPJ comrades defending Afrin and its people against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. On March 16, 2018, she was martyred due to a Turkish strike to be the first British woman and the eighth citizen to have been martyred in NE Syria.

“Our British comrade Hêlîn Qereçox (Anna Campbell) has become the symbol of all women after resisting fascism in Afrin to create a free world. We promise to fulfill Şehîd (martyr) Hêlîn’s struggle and honor her memory in our fight for freedom.”

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