Graduating a new Self-defense course from Al-Sad Military Academy

A new Self-defense course graduated, on October 22, from the al-Sad military academy.

The training course entitled Muhyadin Gulo included 78 fighters and lasted for 2 months in which the fighters received political and ideological lessons, in addition to intensive military training.

The graduation ceremony started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by a speech delivered by the Commander of the Self-defense forces Subhi Shaddade who congratulated the fighters for completing the training course and confirmed that the Self-defense forces along with SDF will continue the struggle and escalate resistance against all enemies, as well as work hard until liberating the occupied territories.
” The Self-defense forces and SDF unites will relentlessly hunt down ISIS terrorist cells and maintain security and stability in the region of NE Syria ” Shaddade concluded.

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