How the Terrorist cell of Beatles Was Eliminated

The name of the Beatles cell of ISIS horrified not only the residents of Syria and Iraq but also the people of the world. The members of the cell were notorious for appearing in horrific videos, slaughtering civilians and other hostages.

The Beatles cell was the focus of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the international media, as well as the intelligence services, especially in Britain and the United States, due to the atrocities committed by the cell between 2012 and 2015.

Four ISIS terrorists spoke English with a British accent, and they were responsible for detaining foreign hostages such as journalists and aid workers, torturing and executing them, and asking for ransom in exchange for release. The terrorist cell executed the two American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff in addition to the two British aid workers Peter Kasing and Kayla Muller.

To distinguish them from the rest of the terrorists, the hostages named the four masked terrorists the Beatles after a famous British rock band, the four terrorists were characterized by speaking the same accent and by conducting bloody executions and using terrifying psychological torture methods such as mock executions and waterboarding.
After lengthy investigations, the real names of the Beatles terrorist cell were identified:
1- The first terrorist was Mohammed Emwazi, who appeared in the video of the execution of the American journalist James Foley near the city of Raqqa.
Emwazi was eliminated by an American airstrike in Raqqa in November 2015.
Emwazi was born in Kuwait, and his family moved to Britain when he was 6 years old in 1988. He studied computer programming at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2009.
Emwazi known as “Jihadi John”, was the leader of the Beatles cell, and often referred to as “Jihadi John” the jailer.

2- Alexanda Kotey: was known as “George”, and his real name was “Abdul-Majid Abdel-Bari”. He is from West London and has Ghanaian origins. He was code-named “Abu Muhareb”. He traveled to Syria along with “Mohammed Emwazi”.

At the beginning of 2018, the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested “George” and “Al-Shafie Al-Sheikh” when they were trying to flee to Turkey believing that Turkey would protect them.
Al Shafie Al-Sheikh is the third member of the terrorist cell.
He was called Ringo. He is a British citizen whose family fled from Sudan during the nineties.
He entered Syria in 2012 through Turkey, which facilitated the arrival of terrorists to Syria and Iraq from all over the world.
He joined “Jabhat al-Nusra”, and then joined “ISIS”.

SDF handed Al-Sheikh and Kotey to the UK which in turn handed Al-Sheikh over to the United States to be tried and he was sentenced to eight life sentences on August 19 which marks the eighth anniversary of the execution of the American journalist James Foley.

The fourth member was Paul whose real name is Ayn Leslie Davis. He was appointed by ISIS to guard Western hostages.

After his conversion to Islam, “Davis” changed his name to “Hamza”, and met “Mohammed Emwazi” (the leader of the cell), together they joined an extremist group in London, then “Davis” left the UK heading to Turkey then entered Syria, joining ISIS in 2013.
Davis managed to escape to Turkey. There he underwent a mock trial by Turkey, and then he was released last August after. Upon his return to Britain, the British authorities managed to arrest him at the airport and his trial is now underway.

The Beatles have been accused of kidnapping 27 journalists and humanitarian workers from the United States, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Russia, and Japan.

The Syrian Democratic Forces contributed to eliminating this terrorist cell, by collecting information and pursuing its members in more than one place, until arresting them and sending them for justice.

The cell had received all facilities from Turkey and its intelligence that was used to escort the terrorists to the borders. That was proven by many published photos and videos confirming the collaboration between Turkish intelligence and ISIS. and most of the ISIS territories arrested by the SDF admitted that they received all facilities from Turkey to enter Syria.

Thus ended the file of the Beatles terrorist cell, one of ISIS’s most brutal and bloody terrorists.

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