SDF General Command succeses in mediation to release Syrian workers sentenced to life imprisonment by Iraqi authorities

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces succeeded in mediation to release three Syrian workers from the city of Kobane who had been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Iraqi authorities.

The SDF commander-in-chief, Mazloum Abdi and the member of SDF General Command, Newrouz Ahmed, have received the three workers after being released by the Iraqi government through SDF mediation.

The three young men had traveled to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq from the Turkish territory after ISIS attack on the city of Kobane in September 2014, where they obtained the asylum papers from the Iraqi authorities, as well as from the UHCR. Nevertheless, they were arrested from the western side of the city of Mosul and were taken to the al-Nasiriyah prison located in the Iraqi province of Deh Qar .

The SDF commander-in-chief, Abdi, has urged the youth to stay in their own region and defend it, not to be dragged behind false promises by those who don’t want the best for the NE Syria region.

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