The Martyrs’ Families Council in al-Hasakah recalls the martyrs of September

The Council of Martyrs’ families in the al-Hasakah held, on September 29th, a memorial ceremony for 84 SDF fighters who were martyred in September at different times and places.

Families of the martyrs, SDF officials, and tens of the al-Hasakah residents have participated in the memorial ceremony
that started with a minute of silence, then a speech delivered by Nejah Hewas, a member of the Martyrs Families Foundation.
Hewas stressed that 84 SDF fighters have sacrificed their lives to protect the land and the honor.
“The SDF has determinably contributed to maintaining security and stability, as well as secure the precepts of coexistence and free life among NE Syria communities,” she added.
The memorial ceremony ended with displaying documentary images of SDF fighters who were martyred during different years in September.

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