Al-Raqqa Military Council participates in the funeral ceremony of the martyr “Yamen Mustafa”

The Raqqa Military Council bid farewell to the martyr “Yamen Mustafa”, at the al-Hakkumia Cemetery.
The funeral ceremony was attended by “the leadership of the Raqqa Military Council, the Internal Security Forces, the Martyrs’ Families Council, notables and tribal sheiks, and a large number of residents.
The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by a military parade performed by the fighters. Then, the co-chair of the Raqqa Military Council, Iman Muhammad, delivered a speech, in which she offered condolences on behalf of the Raqqa Military Council.

She noted that the martyrs remain immortal in the memory of our people, so we reiterate our pledge to be in their footsteps until achieving their aspirations and goals for which they sacrificed their blood.
The funeral ceremony concluded with conducting of the funeral prayers by the attendants.

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