Our fighters’ vigilance foiled the barbaric goals of the enemy

To our people and public opinion

Turkish intelligence has cunningly prepared for the blast of Taksim in Istanbul to use it as a pretext to put its long-prepared plan in action, which is attacking Rojava and NE Syria.

Based on these preparations, and since midnight of November 19, 2022, it has launched /47/ air raids, /20/ UAV airstrikes, and /3761/ attacks with heavy artillery, mortars, tanks, and various types of heavy weapons, targeting the areas stretching from “Derek, to Qamishlo, al-Hasaka, Kobane, Deir Ezzor, and even the areas of Al-Shahba’a.”

At the time of writing this statement, the attacks resulted in the martyrdom of /5/ Kurdish fighters in Afrin. In the areas east of the Euphrates, /6/ fighters of our forces were martyred, in addition to /15/ civilians, including /11/ civilians were martyred in Derek, /2/ civilians in Tal Tamir, and two in the village of al-Makmen in the Deir Ezzor countryside. In addition, civilian homes, hospitals, schools, and civilian infrastructures and service facilities, such as gas stations and grain silos, were also bombed and severely damaged.

That’s the first time the areas of NE Syria have been targeted with such depth and distance. The enemy aims to inflict big blows on our defense forces, especially our commanders and command centers, to disperse our forces, breaking the will of resistance, and losing hope among the people. In this way, it prepares the ground for a ground offensive.

However, according to the outcome of the aggression, it is clear that the enemy has not achieved any victory or progress over the past three days of its continuous aggression, thanks to the defense mechanisms developed and taken by our SDF, our measures and preparations, in addition to our fighters’ vigilance. With strong will and steadfastness, we have continued our resistance on the frontlines. When the Turkish occupying State realized that its military attacks did not achieve its goals, it directed its aggression against our people in Derek, and in the areas of Tal Tamir and al-Makman in Deir Ezzor, committing massacres against civilians that resulted in the martyrdom of /15/ civilians and many others injured.

It also directed its aggressions against the civilian infrastructures and service facilities, trying to make the lives of the people in NE Syria the main target of its terrorism.

Our people have shown a patriotic attitude regarding the continuous attacks of the enemy.

The mother martyr “Hoger” is the most prominent icon of that spirit and stand, which confirms that our people would not abandon their soil, land, and cities, so our people took to the squares with great enthusiasm and anger, expressing their position against the occupation.

On the one hand, our people’s determination and attitude are considered a source of morale for our SDF fighters, and on the other hand, our people’s adherence to their soil, land, villages, and cities, in addition to their loyalty to the SDF sacrifices, express their steadfastness and their position. We are confident that the historic resistance waged by SDF fighters and the cooperation of our people will thwart all the plans of the Turkish occupation, giving the way to historic victories for the peoples of the region and the Syrians in general.

On this basis, we salute the patriotic position of our people, and through the martyrs of Taqil Baqil in Derek, we recall all our martyrs, and we renew our pledge to follow their path and achieve their goals.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation conducted air raids using airspace controlled by Russia and the international coalition. On November 22nd, the Turkish occupation launched an attack on a combined base of the Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT) and the international coalition forces, resulting in the martyrdom of two of our comrades and three others wounded. Today, November 23rd, the Turkish occupation carried out an airstrike on a combined base of our forces and Russian forces in Tal Tamir, resulting in the martyrdom of one of our comrades and three others wounded.

Our demand from the key powers we work with is to declare to our people their clear stance, which does not seem to come within the framework of friendship and partnership. So far, our forces have fulfilled and without hesitation all their obligations in defense and protection against both the terrorist organization of ISIS and the Turkish occupation.

Over the past three days, we have confronted the attacks of the Turkish occupation in an appropriate and required manner. Henceforth, our forces will carry out, with strong determination, their historic duty to defend and protect the region, and they will not allow the enemy to achieve its occupying goals.

The number of Syrian army soldiers who lost their lives on the frontlines due to the attacks was also the highest. More than /25/ soldiers lost their lives. The silence of the Syrian government and the absence of its stance regarding the attacks was a reason that these soldiers lost their lives.

At this historic stage, we appeal to the youth of the region, who have a national, humanitarian, and sacred responsibility to shoulder their responsibilities in defending the region.

The doors are open for them to join the SDF to defend their villages, cities, and fields.

On this basis, we appeal to all young men and women in the regions of NE Syria, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Turkmen, Armenians, and all its components, to join the ranks of the SDF. In this way, we will ensure the protection, security, and stability of our regions.

Our Revolutionary Salut,

SDF General Command

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