Our retaliation for our martyrs’s blood will not be delayed

To our people and public opinion

The Turkish occupation has used the Istanbul blast as a pretext to launch a brutal attack using aircraft on various areas in the north and eastern Syria, without distinguishing between civilians or military forces, children or women, targeting the service facilities such as grain silos, power stations, hospitals, and civilian properties.
Apparently, the Turkish occupation, by launching a series of brutal attacks on our areas on the night of November 20, seeks to export its internal crisis to our areas in a desperate attempt to restore its deteriorating popularity in Turkey ahead of the upcoming presidential election. Therefore, the fabricated story it propagated in Istanbul is no more than lies and disinformation to the public opinion.
The Turkish occupation’s brutal airstrikes resulted in the martyrdom of our comrade Sufyan Abbas al-Ahmad (Resho Qamishlo) while on duty.

We reiterate our pledge that our martyrs’ blood will not be in vain, and our retaliation, this time, will be stronger and more painful.

While we bid farewell to our martyr, we offer our heartfelt condolences to all the families of our martyrs and our people; and we assure them that the retaliation for the blood of our martyrs will not be delayed.
The martyr’s data is as follows:

Nom de guerre: Resho Qamishlo
Real name : Sufyan Abbas Al-Ahmad
Mother’s name: Kamra
Father’s name: Abbas
Place and date of birth: Khazna Khurmar / 2004
Place and date of martyrdom: Darbasiyah, November 20, 2022

SDF Media Center

November 20, 2022

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