The outcome of the Turkish occupation aggressions on the region on November 24

The Turkish occupation attacks and aggressions continued against NE Syria, targeting primarily the populated areas and civilian infrastructure that provide the people’s livelihood. These war crimes against our people and humanity have been documented in videos and must be on the investigation table by the international community.

The following is the outcome of the Turkish aggressions:

An additional outcome of November 23

Al Jazeera Region


The villages of Mahshouk, Dirna Qalinga, Gir Hanak, Sawir, Rutan, Tal Ziwan, Ali Fero, Harem Shekho, Kudu, and Dodan were bombarded with more than 20 artillery and tank shells.

In the Qamishlo city center, a car was targeted by a UAV strike.

The Nowruz Company and Association of Shahid Jamal for the war wounded were shelled with mortar and artillery shells.

The fuel distribution stations were shelled in the town of Terpe Spia and the village of Deirna Qalenga.

Euphrates Region

Tal Abyad

The villages of Hoshan, Shurbinisk, Sayda, Samia, Qazali, and the Cement Company were shelled with mortar, artillery, and tank shells.


The villages of Tal al-Hamam, Tal al-Sayada, and al-Tukhar were targeted with 10 mortar shells.


The outcome of the November 24

Afrin and al-Shahba’a Regions

The villages of Suganka, Bena, Melilia, Mayasa, Shawarqa, Maranaz, Tat Mrash, Kafir Naya, Irshadia, Alqamiyah, Harbal, Minnig, Belounia, Tal al-Madiq, Ziwan, Kafr Nasih, Ain Daqna, Sheikh Issa, Shahba’a Dam and the town of Tal Rifa’at were subjected to more than 200 mortar and artillery shells.

Al Jazeera Region

Tal Tamir

The villages of the Qubour al-Qarajina, Gozalia, Dardara, and Khalaf al-Rakba were bombarded with more than 20 shells.


The villages of Al-Asadiya, Bubi, Muhaimla, Rubay’at, Chatal, Tal Kayf, Shurik, Khashafiya, Kharza, Khanikeh, Bahira, Jarnak, al-Jazia, Khirbet Sha’er, Tal Ward, Tal Amir and the town of Zargan were targeted with more than 80 artillery shells and in addition to DShk weapons, resulting in one of our fighters was martyred and two others wounded.


The villages of Naeif, Tal Jihan, Dugri, Mehrikan, Milli Abbas, Mahshouk, Mazgaft, Hatmiah, Harem Rash, Zorava were shelled with more than 30 shells.

Euphrates region


The villages of Zormagar, Tal Ahmad Munir, Tal Ahmad, Zorava, al-Ziyara, Khir Banat, Tal Jishan, Tal Ebry, and the town of Shyoukh Fawqani were targeted with more than 50 mortar and tank shells.

Tal Abyad / Gri Spi

The villages of Muallak, al-Debis, Sayda, and Ibrahim Kurdo were shelled with mortar artillery shells.


The villages of al-Bogas, Korehuke, and al-Tukhar were shelled with 12 shells.


SDF Media Center

November 25, 2022

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