The Turkish occupation continues committing war crimes and backing ISIS

The Turkish occupation continues to commit war crimes against our people and our regions with an attempt to destroy the people’s livelihood and to deal a blow to their will to resist and their struggle for coexistence and peaceful life. The Turkish occupation is using all immoral means and standards to achieve its malicious goal in the region. However, those immoral means cannot break the will of our fighters and people. Nevertheless, our struggle is growing and increasing, and it will guarantee our success.

The Turkish occupation is committing an international war crime by attacking the civilian infrastructure in the region and backing ISIS with UAVs in an attempt to set free its terrorist detainees from the prisons and camps, and this was manifested through the attacks on the al-Hol camp and Jarkin prison.

Yesterday, the Turkish occupation attacked more than /116/ villages and towns in NE Syria, using warplanes, UAVs, and heavy weapons, on a frantic quest to commit mass massacres, however, the crimes of the occupation will not remain unanswered, and on this basis, we will increase the strength of our forces to protect our people.

The following is the outcome of the treacherous Turkish aggressions on November 23.

1 – Afrin region:

The villages of Shera/Sheran and Shirawa districts were subjected to 208 artillery shells, in addition to 150 mortar shells.

The villages targeted: Mayassa, Burj al-Qas, Soghunake, Aqiba, Binah/ Ibyan, Maranaz, Malikiyah, Tannb, Tat Mar’ash, Kashta’ar, and Alqmiya.

Casualties:  Two soldiers of the Damascus Government forces were injured in Tallat Mayassa.

2 – Al-Shahba areas:

The al-Shahba’a areas were subjected to intense and brutal shelling with heavy artillery and mortar shells.

The total number of artillery shells landed: /267/ artillery shells, in addition to /65/ mortar shells.

The villages targeted: “Tal Rifa’at town, Tal al-Madiq, Hasajak, Samuqah, Tal Chichan, Tal Ainab, Beiluniyeh, Ain Daqna, Harbal, Sheikh Issa, and Meng.”

3 – Al Jazeera Region:

A- Tal Tamr:

The village of “Abqaran” was targeted by UAVs, resulting in the martyrdom of two of our fighters and three others injured.

The village of “Al-Kuzliya” was also subjected to /9/ artillery shells.

B- Amuda:

The Turkish occupation targeted the countryside of Amuda with /33/ mortar shells.

The villages targeted: Tal Kayf, Shur, Hasidiya, Touqa, Kharza, Bobi, Dada Abdal, and Tal al-Ward.

The “al-Zaidiya” village was also targeted with UAVs, as well as the “Mahmala” village was subjected to two UAVs air strikes. In Zarkan, the village of “Ibrahimia” was targeted, in addition, a checkpoint of the Internal Security Forces was targeted with a suicide UAV, resulting in the martyrdom of one of the Internal Security members.

C – Qamishlo:

A civilian vehicle was targeted by UAVs, and the warplanes targeted a gathering of civilians, injuring three civilians.

The gas company’s office was also shelled with 6 heavy artillery shells, while the villages of Tal Jihan and Mullah Abbas were attacked by warplanes.

The neighborhoods of the city of Qamishlo and the surrounding villages were also targeted by heavy artillery shelling, where they were hit by /21/ shells.

The regions targeted: the neighborhoods of Qamishlo and its surrounding villages: Tal Khatun, Himo, Anbara, Jerkin Prison, Navkri, the Suez Canal Silo, Tal Fares, Halko neighborhood, Tal Sha’er, and Ali Frou Village Road.

The Oil fields between the villages of “Deirna Qalanka” and “Kar/Tel Hasanak”, as well as the oil fields in “Mashouka” village were also targeted by mortar shelling.

The villages of “Tal Siwar, Ali Frou” were targeted by heavy artillery shelling, in addition to a civilian car.

The UAVs targeted many sites in Terpe Spi: The power station in the village of “Mezkfta”, the “Fuel Distribution Station” in “Odeh” village, the Academy of Internal Security Forces of the Syriac “Sotoro” in “Rutan” village, and a civilian car on the “Qarmouti” roundabout at the entrance to the city, wounding one civilian.

D – Derik:

The warplanes launched several raids:

/4/ raids on the gas station between the villages of “Karhok” and “Ali Agha” in “Tal Kochar” district, resulting in the injury of three civilians.

The villages of Gucharat were also subjected to warplanes raids.

The “Al-Suwaidia” gas station was targeted with /6/ missiles, causing material damage to the station. The fuel distribution station in the village of Al-Tifleh was also targeted, causing significant damage.

The village of “Durzie Khan” was also targeted with 3 missiles.

The UAVs targeted the villages of “Shirika” and “Masraf” while the “Karqahfk” village was subjected to a warplane raid.

4 – Al-Hol area:

The Turkish UAVs targeted the Internal Security Forces responsible for securing the al-Hol camp.

5 – Euphrates region:

A- Kobane:

The villages of “Khormakhar, Kuran, Qultep, Qarmugh, Khan, Kharb Baysan, Jisan, Al-Shuyoukh and Tallet Ahmed Mounir” were subjected to artillery shelling.

The shells landed: /4/ artillery shells in Khormakhar and Qultep .

3 mortar shells in Al-Shuyoukh and Tallet Ahmed Mounir.

5 artillery shells in Kuran and Kharb Baysan.

4 artillery shells in Ashma, Jarqli, Zor Ava.

One tank shell targeted a point of the Damascus government forces.

B- Gri Spi / Tal Abyad:

The villages of Saida, Dibs, Tal Khan, and Zenobia were all shelled by heavy artillery and tanks.

C – Raqqa:

The Turkish occupation targeted the village of “Al-Fatsa” in the countryside of Ain Issa with /11/ artillery shells, in addition to targeting the “Al-Nakheel restaurant” with /4/ shells.

D – Manbij:

The Turkish occupation targeted with heavy artillery the villages of “Saidia, Dandaniya, Tokhar, Aoun al-Dadat, al-Kawgli, al-Hawshariya, Qurt and Yaran and al-Jat”.

E – Sarin:

The village of Qararashk was targeted by UAVs.

P – Al-Terwaziya:

The villages of um al-Baramil, al-Kantari, and al-Tarwaziyah were heavily shelled with heavy artillery, tanks, and mortars.

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