“They Are All My Sons,” The Father Ali Shuaib

Our martyrs are lanterns and key to the safety and stability of our homelands. Their sacrifices are an example of their high noble human morals.
Ali Shuaib, a sixty-year-old man and the father of the martyr Yahya Shuaib, works in the martyrs’ cemetery in al-Tabqa. He is taking care of the martyrs’ shrines in the cemetery, considering himself not only the father of the martyr Yahya but also the father of all other martyrs. “They are all my sons,” he said.  He is proud of his son, the martyr, and all other martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their people to live in peace and stability.
” When I walk in the city and see how safe it is, I realize that the sacrifices of our martyrs were not in vain,” said father Ali.


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