52 ISIS terrorists arrested on the second day of Operation Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt

For the second day in a row, our forces, with the participation of the Internal Security Forces and the International Coalition forces, continue Operation Al-Jazeere Thunderbolt to hunt ISIS terrorist cells in the areas of the al-Hol and Tal Hamis. The joint forces arrested 52 terrorists and facilitators who were sheltering in residential areas and farms.
The joint forces expanded the area of sweep and raid operations that started from nine axes after some terrorists tried to pressure the local populace to secure them a way to escape, but the pre-emptive and surprise raids thwarted all the hiding attempts of the terrorist elements, forcing them to surrender.
According to the initial investigations, the terrorist confessed to their involvement in many terrorist acts and in providing materials, resources, and weapons to the ISIS terrorist cells that one of them was about to carry out terrorist acts during the New Year’s holiday.
Due to the heavily populated area where ISIS cells exploit humanitarian conditions, our forces took time to capture them. Our forces will continue the operations to dry up terrorist hotbeds in the area, destroy their hideouts, and ensure security in suspected areas.

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