Al-Idlibi: “We will confront any potential attack on the regions of NE Syria”

In a special interview with Abu Omar Al-Idlibi, commander of the Northern Democratic Forces which is a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, he stressed their readiness to confront any potential Turkish aggression on the regions of NE Syria, adding that as they participated in liberating the area from the terrorist organization of ISIS, they will also participate in confronting any potential Turkish aggression against the north and eastern Syria.
Speaking about the so-called safe zone, Abu Omar said, “The safe zone that Erdogan invokes is nothing but an area to shelter terrorist mercenaries just like what happened in the occupied areas in northwestern and northeastern Syria, which have become hotbeds for the terrorist groups.”
Abu Omar also indicated that they are, in the Syrian Democratic Forces, committed to the cease-fire agreement signed back in October 2019 and sponsored by the Russian Federation and the United States.
Al-Idlibi called on the international coalition forces to fulfill their commitments towards the Syrian Democratic Forces and prevent any Turkish aggression that might affect their joint operations against the terrorist organization, reminding that the recent Turkish air aggression directly targeted the units Specialized in protecting Al-Hol camp, which shelters the families of the terrorist organization “ISIS”.
The commander of the Northern Democratic Force “Abu Omar al-Idlibi,” concluded ” We in the Syrian Democratic Forces are advocates of peace, not war, and we believe in dialogue with all parties to resolve all issues, however, we are ready to defend the regions of northern and eastern Syria against any potential aggression”
It is worth mentioning that the Northern Democratic Forces are part of the SDF, and the majority of its members are primarily from the Idlib region, who the Turkish-backed terrorist groups forcibly displaced.

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