Arresting 4 terrorists of ISIS in al-Shadadi and Deir Ezzor

With the participation and support of the international coalition against ISIS, our Counter-Terrorism Units YAT conducted two anti-ISIS operations on the 12th and 19th of this month, December, in the al-Shadadi and Deir Ezzor regions.

The two operations resulted in arresting four terrorists who were preparing to carry out terrorist acts targeting the civil and military associations in the region, in addition to their involvement in supplying the terrorist cells with weapons and equipment.

The weapons and equipment confiscated during the two operations:

  • Kalashnikov rifle /2/
  • M4 rifle /2/
  • Pistol /3/
  • Machine gun /3/ 
  • Binoculars /1/
  • Camera /1/
  • Military quivers /2/
  • Smartphones/5/
  • Ammunition


SDF Media Center

December 21, 2022

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