Our forces arrest an ISIS emir and two other terrorists

In conjunction with the aggressions of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the regions of NE Syria, the ISIS terrorist cells were active, attempting to attack various areas, including Deir Ezzor, al-Hol, and Tal Hamis, taking advantage of the Turkish aggressions.
After resuming the joint field work, our Counter-Terrorism Units (YAT) and the International Coalition forces have conducted three operations, targeting the hideouts and hotbeds of the ISIS cells in different areas of NE Syria. The operations resulted in arresting one of the ISIS emirs along with two other terrorists who were responsible for supplying the terrorist cells with weapons and ammunition in an attempt to target the prisons and the al-Hol camp. Several firearms and ammunition have also been confiscated.
The operations were conducted in the town of the al-Hol, Tal Hamis, and Deir Ezzor, from the seventh to the tenth of this month.
The confiscated weapons:
1 – Kalashnikov rifles / 1 /.
2 – Pistols / 1 /.
3 – Grenades / 2 /.
4 – Rifle scope / 1 /.
5 – Quivers / 4 /.
6 -Several ammunition magazines.
7 – Quantities of explosive materials.
8 – Several smartphones.

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