The outcome of the Turkish occupation attacks on NE Syria during November 30, 2022

The Turkish aggression against the regions in the north and eastern Syria has entered its twelfth day. The Turkish occupation continued the attacks targeting the populated areas, forcing civilians into displacement.


An additional outcome of November 29, 2022:


1 – Al-Jazeera Region:

A- Tal Tamir:

The villages targeted: Um al-Kayf and al-Tawila

Weapons used: heavy artillery shelling.


2 – Euphrates Region:

A- Kobane:

The villages targeted: Jishan, Kuran, and Kharab Baysan

Weapons used:  five heavy artillery shells.


B- Gri Spi/ Tal Abyad:

The villages Targeted: Al-Hoshan, Al-Salibi, and Sarong.

Weapons used: heavy artillery and mortars.


C – Ain Isa:

The eastern part of the town was targeted three times by heavy artillery.


D – Manbij:

The villages targeted: Tal al-Hamam, al-Muhsenli, and Qara Quzak Bridge.

Weapons used: 11 artillery shells.

The outcome of November 30, 2022:


1 – Afrin and Al-Shahba’a Region:

The villages and towns targeted: Binh / Ibin, Aqiba, Al-Shawargha, Maranaz, Tat Marrash, Soganaka, Tannb, Alqamiya, Al-Malikiyah, Burj Al-Qas, Mayassa, Um Al-Hosh, Um Al-Qura, Samuqah, Harbal, Ain Daqna, Bayloniya, Sheikh Issa, Al-Shahba’a Dam, and the town of Tal Rifaat.

Weapons used: 80 heavy artillery shells and 6 mortar shells.


2 – Al Jazeera Region:

A- Tal Tamir:

The villages targeted: Tawila, Tal al-Laban, al-Kuzliya, and Um al-Khair.

Weapons used: heavy artillery shells.


B- Zarkan:

The villages targeted: Bobi, Al-Asadiya, Dada Abdul, Arab Khan, Al-Rubei’at, and the town of Zarkan.

Weapons used: 35 heavy artillery shells.

Casualties: Material damage to civilian homes in the village of Arab Khan.

Our forces have responded continuously to the source of the attacks.


3 – Euphrates Region:

A- Kobane:

The villages targeted: Charqli, Kuran, and Kharab Baysan.

Weapons used:  2 heavy artillery shells.


B- Gri Spi / Tal Abyad:

The villages targeted: al-Arida, Bir Zinnar, Kur Hassan, al-Dibs, Khirbet al-Baqar, al-Jadida, Sayda, Kitek, al-Salibi, and the international road (M4).

Weapons used: mortars, heavy artillery, and DShK weapons.



C – Ain Isa:

The eastern part of the Ain Isa town and the village of “Al-Hamam” were subjected to 4 heavy artillery shells.


D – Manbij:

The village of Qurt Wiran was subjected to mortar shelling.


E– Al-Terwaziya:

The countryside of the Al-Kantari town was targeted by heavy artillery shelling, resulting in one of our fighters martyred and another wounded.


SDF Media Center

December 1, 2022 

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