Operation Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt continues clearing the al-Hol countryside and camp

For the eighth day in a row, the forces participating in Operation al-Jazeera Thunderbolt intensified the sweep operations, hunting the ISIS terrorist cells and eradicating the organizational structures of ISIS and its sleeper cells.

Today morning, the forces swept the villages of the al-Hol northeastern countryside and the eastern countryside of the al-Hasaka in the vicinity of Kawkab mountain, which witnessed terrorist and criminal acts by the terrorist cells and the criminal elements against the populace over the past period.

Based on precise information, the Internal Security Forces raided the hideouts of ISIS cells in the al-Hol camp, arresting eight terrorists affiliated with the ISIS cells.

The joint forces swept 23 villages and farms in the eastern countryside of the al-Hasaka, raiding the criminals’ hotbeds and arresting two involved in criminal acts to undermine security and threaten the people over the past period.

During the search operation, the forces confiscated unauthorized weapons and military uniforms, in addition to several forged identification papers used by terrorist cells to impersonate identity.

Our forces, which have proven their readiness to deal with the security circumstances, have aborted many potential terrorist acts and will firmly continue the operations to protect the people of NE Syria and ensure security and stability.


SDF Media Center

January 5, 2023


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