Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs: Six ISIS terrorists arrested 

Within the framework of Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Internal Security Forces (ISF), and with effective participation by the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), sweep and search operations are conducted at a high frequency and for the fourth day in a row in the Raqqa city and its countryside and the towns of Mansoura and Sarren and their countrysides.

Yesterday, the joint forces arrested six terrorists, including one terrorist involved in hiding and sheltering the terrorist cell that attacked the western center of the Internal Security Forces late last December,

in addition to a terrorist expert in booby-traps and remote detonation, who was trained in the Syrian desert. Large quantities of ammunition and shells were seized.

This morning, the joint forces began sweeping the Euphrates neighborhood in Raqqa city and the al-Safsafa area in the Tabqa countryside. The Operation is still ongoing.

SDF Media Center 

January 28, 2023

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