A New Commando Course of Self-Defense Forces Graduated in al-Hasaka

A new commando course was graduated from the Academy of Martyr Basil Darwish of Self-Defense in al-Hasakah.
The course entitled Martyr Akif included 100 fighters and lasted for 60 days, during which the fighters received political and military training.

The graduation ceremony was attended by several SDF leaders and started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by a military parade performed by the graduated fighters, followed by a speech delivered by the leader of the Self-Defens Forces, Sipan Afrin, in which he congratulated the graduated fighters for completing the course.
Sipan added, “We are fully confident that you will be able to assume the responsibility of defending your regions and your people.”

The graduation ceremony concluded with the fighters taking the military oath.

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