Counter-terrorism| Eight terrorists arrested in four operations in al-Hasaka, Deir Ezzor, and Manbij


Over the past few days, our SDF commandos and special units have conducted four security operations against ISIS cells in the countryside of Tal Hamis, Deir Ezzor, Manbij, and al-Hasaka. During these operations, the forces apprehended eight ISIS terrorists who had been actively involved in terrorist acts and supporting the terrorist cells in the area.

In the village of Bilqis in Tal Hamis, our SDF commandos have captured two active ISIS operatives who were involved in facilitating the movements of terrorist cells, providing logistical support, and gathering intelligence for ISIS cells. Additionally, the forces seized several weapons and documents.

Our special units conducted a security operation against an ISIS cell in the town of al-Tayaneh in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. This operation was supported by the international coalition and targeted and resulted in arresting one of the ISIS terrorists who had been actively involved in financing and transferring zakat funds to active cells in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.
Once our forces had surrounded the location where the terrorist was hiding, he attempted to flee; however, he was tracked down by the international coalition aircraft. Consequently, the forces successfully captured the terrorist and seized various items from his possession, including documents, money, and technical equipment.

In this context, and over the past two days, our forces have carried out two security operations in the city of Manbij and the al-Hasaka countryside. The first operation targeted an ISIS cell of three operatives, including a woman, they had been planning to detonate IEDs at one of our strategic points. The operation resulted in arresting the three terrorists and confiscating a silenced pistol and an IED.

In the second operation, our forces conducted an ambush targeting another terrorist cell of ISIS in the village of Tuwaimin in the town of Al-Shadadi, the southeastern countryside of al-Hasaka. During this operation, our forces successfully apprehended a terrorist cell comprised of two operatives and confiscated several weapons and military equipment. It was discovered that the cell terrorists were Syrian nationals who had previously pledged allegiance to ISIS and were preparing to launch attacks against our forces, as they were actively involved in photographing military and service sites within the area.

SDF Media Center
May 21, 2023

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