The SDF Military Council Holds its Periodic Meeting

The SDF Military Council held its periodic meeting in light of current political and military developments in Syria. The meeting was attended by Mazloum Abdi, the Commander-in-chief of the SDF, along with all the leaders of the SDF military councils and factions, in addition to officials from military offices and institutions. The gathering brought together all members of the SDF Military Council.

At the onset of the meeting, the participants discussed and evaluated the reports submitted by the military councils and institutions. They also deliberated on the prevailing political and military situation on the ground, including the attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation and ISIS terrorists in the region.

The meeting emphasized that attempts to initiate a normalization process between the Syrian government and the Turkish regime are merely a new beginning to worsen the humanitarian and political situation in Syria. It warned that any Syrian endeavors to align with the Turkish regime’s agenda against the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria will lead to adverse consequences for all regions in Syria and impede the future resolution of the Syrian crisis.

During the meeting, the attendees also evaluated the consequences of the ongoing Turkish occupation attacks, which have been extending to northern, eastern, and northwestern Syria. The responsibilities of the international parties involved were also taken into account.

A significant emphasis was placed on the need to enhance coordination with the Russian forces in the western Euphrates region to act as a guarantor in preventing further escalation.

The meeting extensively discussed the efforts of parties affiliated with the Damascus government to create discord, destabilize the region, and undermine security in northern and eastern Syria. The relevant authorities were directed to promptly address and counter such attempts.

Furthermore, the meeting assessed the level of threats posed by the ISIS terrorists, taking into account their adoption of new terrorist tactics and the ongoing attacks by the Turkish occupation. The meeting acknowledged and praised the efforts and sacrifices made by our forces and people in countering these threats. Additionally, it emphasized the necessity of continuing to make progress to ultimately eliminate these terrorist cells.

In this context, the meeting highlighted the cooperative efforts with the international coalition, emphasizing the crucial significance of enhancing coordination, expediting security and military operations, and expanding them to curtail ISIS’ potential resurgence and prevent ISIS from exploiting the current circumstances.

At the domestic level, the meeting placed utmost importance on preserving the unwavering strength of the home front against all attacks and adopting resolute measures to address those who promote and spread discord. In addition, the meeting also underscored the structure and composition of the Syrian Democratic Forces as an exemplar of cooperation among the various components in the region.

In terms of organization, the meeting delved into the defensive preparedness of the forces and evaluated the essential measures required to safeguard the region and its inhabitants. The meeting also prioritized the development of military functions in alignment with the predefined objectives and directives of the forces. Consequently, a comprehensive work plan was formulated for the upcoming period, underscoring the pivotal role of the military councils at both the field and organizational levels within the military forces.


SDF Media Center

July 18, 2023

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