Horrific Massacre by Turkish Occupation Army Claims Lives of Innocent Children and Women

A new massacre and another war crime committed by the Turkish occupation army targeted children, the elderly, and women from a single family in the safe village of al-Shirka (encompassed by the ceasefire agreement), located south of Suluk town and adjacent to the M4 road. On August 8, utilizing heavy artillery, the Turkish occupation army ruthlessly attacked civilian residences within the village, resulting in the martyrdom of 3 civilians from the Khamis Al-Hadi Al-Khalawi family. Among the victims were Grandma Doza (60 years old), young Heba Al-Khalawi (10 years old), and Abdullah Al-Khalawi (3 years old), while three others suffered injuries: Malak Al-Khalawi (12 years old), Tahani Al-Khalawi (5 years old), and their mother Haya Omar (25 years old).

This appalling massacre stands as another in a series of such heinous violations committed by the Turkish occupation army against civilians in our secure regions. Previous instances include the Safawiya, Dibs, and Al-Alimat massacres, among others. The persistent violations of the ceasefire agreement by the Turkish occupation army and its continued perpetration of massacres and war crimes against civilians in our secure regions demand swift intervention from the agreement’s guarantors, the global community, and human rights organizations to curb the occupation’s reprehensible conduct and bringing an end to its war crimes.


The following are the photos of the victims:


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