15 Turkish-Backed Mercenaries Neutralized and 30 Others Injured in Foiled Attack on Manbij

The Turkish-backed mercenaries attacked last Wednesday in large numbers in Al-Bougaz, Manbij’s northern countryside. Our Kurdish Front forces repelled the attack, and fierce clashes erupted, resulting in the elimination of more than 15 mercenaries, the injury of around 30 others, and the destruction of two vehicles. Our forces also seized a large quantity of weapons and ammunition left behind by the mercenaries.
Among the neutralized mercenaries were individuals affiliated with ISIS, a fact substantiated by the terrorist organization’s insignia visibly worn on their attire.
Ever since the onset of the events in Deir Ezzor, the Turkish occupying state, and its mercenaries have persistently initiated attacks on diverse regions in northern and eastern Syria, spanning from Manbij and Ain Issa to Tal Tamir and Zarkan. In each instance, our forces, in conjunction with the Syrian Democratic Forces, have successfully thwarted these attacks.

Kurdish Front Media Office
September 6, 2023

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