Abu Al-Harith Sha’iti: Operation Security Reinforcement in Deir Ezzor is Approaching Completion

The commander in the Deir Ezzor Military Council, Ibrahim Al-Asi aka Abulharith Ashayti, stated that in response to the calls made by the populace, Sheiks, and tribal leaders to intervene and put an end to the chaos and security breakdown, Deir Ezzor Military Council and SDF promptly answered this call by launching Operation Security Reinforcement in the region. He underscored that on the twelfth day of the ongoing operation, which is nearing its completion, their forces, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces, are implementing various security measures to fully secure the area, prevent mercenaries and criminal elements from infiltrating it again, and enforce security and stability, enabling civic services to resume providing services to the residents.

During his statement issued in the town of Dhiban, Commander Abu Al-Harith Sha’iti expressed his gratitude to the people of Deir Ezzor at large, and specifically to the people of Al-Baseera, Al-Shuhail, and Dhiban for their cooperation with Deir Ezzor Military Council in restoring security to the area. He also thanked the local sheiks and tribal leaders, commending them for prioritizing the greater national interest over their personal concerns by providing strong support to their forces during the operation. He also expressed his gratitude to all forces who participated in the operation.


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