Calm Prevails on Manbij Frontlines After Many Foiled Attacks of the Turkish-backed Mercenaries

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries persist in their assaults on the outskirts of Manbij. Last night, they launched multiple attacks on various fronts in the northern and western rural areas of Manbij. They initiated an assault on the “Sajour” riverfront and from the axis of the village of “Toukhar”. Our forces confronted them, resulting in clashes that led to the demise of one mercenary, compelling the rest to flee the front. The Turkish-backed mercenaries also targeted the axis of the village of “al-Darag”, encountering robust resistance from our fighters, ultimately compelling them to retreat. Our forces further clashed with the mercenaries as they attempted to breach the front line, spanning from the village of “Hoshariya” to the village of “al-Jat”, striving to gain ground in that axis. The relentless determination of our fighters forced them into a withdrawal and retreat.

In the front of the “Muhsinli” village, the mercenaries made an attempt to advance, consolidating their forces at one of their strongholds. Nevertheless, our forces swiftly responded with a barrage of fire, leading to the obliteration of a vehicle carrying a DShK weapon. One mercenary was neutralized, while two others sustained injuries. The remaining mercenaries managed to evade the front.

In the axis of “Muhsinli – Jradah”, the mercenaries launched yet another assault on our positions. However, our valiant fighters successfully thwarted the attack. This scenario repeated itself in the axis of the village of “Arab Hassan”, but they promptly retreated upon facing our forces’ retaliation.

On the “Sayyada” front and from the axis of the “Um Adsa” village, the mercenaries mounted a substantial offensive against our military positions. Nevertheless, our fighters responded with unwavering resolve, resulting in neutralizing and wounding several mercenaries. They were unable to retrieve the bodies of their neutralized mercenaries until late last night. Subsequent confirmation confirmed the elimination of five mercenaries.

In the vicinity of “Um Jaloud” village, the mercenaries attempted a surprise assault. However, our fighters swiftly countered their move, compelling them to retreat amidst a barrage of fire. Following the mercenaries’ repeated failures to breach our positions, they resorted to intense artillery shelling of the area. This particularly targeted the axes of the villages of “Toukhar,” “Um Jaloud,” and “Um Adsa,” resulting in significant material damage to civilian properties.

On the “Areema” front and in the vicinity of the “Al-Bougaaz” village, the mercenaries gathered but refrained from launching any direct attacks, opting instead to bombard the area with heavy artillery. In the axis of the “Al-Hamran” village, situated opposite the “Um Jaloud” village, a position held by the mercenaries was struck with mortar shells, leading to the injury of four of them. Today morning, the fronts experienced a relative and cautious calm save for sporadic shellings on certain fronts.

The escalation by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the Manbij fronts coincides with the commencement of the “Operation Security Reinforcement” launched by the SDF in Deir Ezzor countryside to pursue the remnants of the ISIS cells, combat drug traffickers, and apprehend elements sowing chaos in the region.


Media Center of Manbij Military Council

September 8, 2023


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