Syrian Democratic Forces Take Custody of Terrorist “Al-Fad’ani” for Investigative Purposes

In light of the close partnership and the exchange of vital data and intelligence between our Syrian Democratic Forces and the international coalition against ISIS in the regions of north and eastern Syria, the International Coalition apprehended, last Saturday, the leader of the ISIS terrorist organization, Abu Halil al-Fad’ani in north Syria.
Following his capture by the coalition, our Syrian Democratic Forces have taken custody of the aforementioned terrorist, Al-Fad’ani. Interrogations are now underway, focusing on his involvement in crimes against our people and his orchestrations of terrorist activities across several nations.
Our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, wish to underscore the enduring strength of our partnership and our unwavering commitment to continued joint operations with the International Coalition forces in north and eastern Syria to achieve the lasting elimination of ISIS terrorist cells.


SDF Media Center

September 27, 2023

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