Dismantling an ISIS terrorist cell in Markadah town

On September 30, our SDF Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT) and the international coalition forces conducted a joint security operation targeting one of the three terrorist ISIS cells, including one Emir, who was involved in supplying ISIS cells with weapons and ammunition for carrying out terrorist acts in the region.
With precise air support from the international coalition forces, the participating forces raided where the terrorist cell was hiding in the Markadah town, Deir Ezzor countryside. The operation resulted in two terrorists being apprehended and one was killed as he adamantly declined to heed the call for safe surrender.
Various military equipment were confiscated during the operation, including:
-Ak-47 ammunition
-Grenades /2/
-Smartphones /3/
-Mobile phone /1/
-Military equipment
Our dedicated forces, in close partnership with the International Coalition, will persistently pursue ISIS cells across different regions of NE Syria.

SDF Media Center
October 1, 2023

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