One of ISIS Senior Officials in the Grip of Our Forces

Earlier this month, our SDF counter-terrorism units (YAT) conducted a precise security operation in Raqqa city that resulted in the capture of one of the ISIS senior terrorists called “Muhammad Sakhr al-Bakr,” aka “Khaled al-Shami.”
The terrorist al-Shami held a significant position within the ISIS organization, serving as the deputy military commander of the so-called “Wilayat al-Sham”. It has been verified that he played a key role in planning the attack on the al-Sina’a prison in the al-Hasakah city in January 2022. Additionally, he endured eight injuries during his participation in the ISIS attacks. He emerged as a prominent figure in planning for terrorist acts targeting particularly the regions of north and eastern Syria.
Our forces affirm that they will continue the anti-ISIS operations to eradicate the ISIS sleeper cells and eliminate ISIS officials.


SDF Media Centre

November 11, 2023

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