Our Forces’ Leadership Convenes Extensive Meeting with Al-Akidat Tribe Sheiks and International Coalition Representatives

On Tuesday, the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces conducted a comprehensive meeting involving representatives from the international coalition, sheiks, and notable figures from the “Al-Akidat” tribe in Deir Ezzor.

The primary focus of the meeting was the discussion of the ongoing events in the Deir Ezzor region, particularly concerning attempts to instigate discord among the various components of the region using different names and sectarian slogans. The gathered sheiks and dignitaries emphasized the commitment of the region’s tribes to the Autonomous Administration project. They highlighted the active participation of tribesmen and clans within the Syrian Democratic Forces, underscoring that individuals purporting to represent tribes from regions outside north and eastern Syria aim to fuel conflict and sectarianism among societal components that have peacefully coexisted for


The sheiks emphasized that the rightful authorities to determine the fate and rights of tribesmen and clans were their sheiks and notables embedded within their respective clans. They underscored that individuals from outside the region attempting to engage tribesmen in battles for personal gain do not authentically represent the tribes and clans of the area.

The sheiks reiterated that the Syrian Democratic Forces are a representative body encompassing all region components. Furthermore, they urged the international coalition to support the Syrian Democratic Forces in countering groups associated with the Syrian regime and Iranian militias which aim to sow chaos and confusion in the region. The sheiks also renewed their rejection of any attempt to interfere in the region and sabotage its stability, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining the civil peace currently experienced in the area.

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