Our SDF Forces Confiscate Rocket Launchers in Al-Shadadi’s Countryside

Today, our SDF forces conducted an extensive combing operation near al-Shadadi town. This operation was initiated in response to a series of rocket attacks targeting one of our joint bases between our forces and our partners in the coalition. During the meticulous combing operation, our forces successfully located several rocket launchers close to the village of Adla, south of the town of Shadadi. It is worth noting that the rockets not only targeted the joint military bases but also impacted neighboring villages near al-Shadadi town, posing a threat to civilian safety. Yesterday, the heavily populated villages of al-Hammad and al-Hariri in the vicinity of al-Shadadi town were subjected to rocket attacks.
Our forces affirm that they will not hesitate to pursue and arrest these terrorists, to preserve the security and safety of the people and our joint bases and protect them from any threats to their areas.

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