Anti-ISIS Operation | An ISIS Collaborator Captured in Deir Ezzor Eastern Countryside

As part of our ongoing anti-ISIS operations targeting ISIS terrorist cells, collaborators, and facilitators, our SDF Commando forces have conducted a security operation in al-Shuhail town, the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, targeting one of the ISIS collaborators named Amer Aboud al-Ibrahim aka Abu Abeer.

 Our forces raided where the mercenary was hiding and successfully captured him. The collaborator Abu Abeer served as a mercenary involved in providing weaponry, ammunition, and forged documents, including identity cards and passports, for the ISIS operatives to facilitate their escape and movements. Moreover, he provided shelter to ISIS cells operatives, particularly Iraqi nationals. Additionally, he collaborated with one of the ISIS emirs named Abu Safiya al-Iraqi who also has three other aliases Nasser al-Ansar, Saif, and Hamouda, and the mercenary Abu Abeer made Abu Safiya’s acquaintance through another ISIS emir called Abu Waddah.

Our SDF forces remain committed to conducting ongoing anti-ISIS operations until the remnants of ISIS cells are completely eradicated and to establish lasting security and stability in the region.


SDF Media Center

January 26, 2024



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