No Martyrs or Injuries Among Our Forces on the Third Day of the Turkish Terrorist Aggression

The Turkish occupying state has claimed the martyrdom of several of our fighters on the third day of its terrorist aggression against our North and Eastern Syria Region. We categorically deny this disinformation and assert that none of our fighters have been martyred or injured during the ongoing brutal aggression, which is mainly targeting the essential infrastructure, service facilities, energy institutions, residential areas, and civil establishments. The documented war crimes committed by the Turkish occupying state have exceeded fifty violations within three days, including the systematic destruction of essential service institutions and the deliberate targeting of vital life-supporting elements for millions of people. Once again, the disinformation propagated by the Turkish occupation in promoting its terrorist aggression against our regions and people is debunked and the scenes on the ground unequivocally affirm the failure of the Turkish occupation in propagating these fabrications.

SDF Media Center
January 15, 2024

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