The Turkish Occupation Commits Blatant and Deliberate War Crimes

To the media and public opinion,

As part of its repeated lies and propagated disinformation, the Ministry of Defense in the occupying Turkish state has falsely claimed the martyrdom of a number of our fighters during the recent and ongoing Turkish aggression against our north and eastern Syria regions. We categorically confirm that these allegations are untrue, and they are disinformation used by the occupation to conceal its crimes in targeting infrastructure, civic services, population, and the sustenance sources of the people in the region. The evidence documented these crimes is clearer than all the repeated Turkish claims and directly holds the occupying state convicted.

Over the past two days, the Turkish occupation has targeted, using warplanes and UAVs, key energy and electricity facilities, as well as grain storage warehouses and silos and firefighting crews. These aggressions have extended to the homes of civilians, their farms, and the sources of their daily sustenance, impacting major roads, and city outskirts, and causing extensive destruction. Consequently, these attacks have disrupted the delivery of essential services, including power, electricity, water, and other necessities, affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

These direct attacks and barbaric terrorist aggression clearly and explicitly prove the hostility of the Turkish occupation state to all forms of life in the region, they constitute blatant and deliberate war crimes aimed at causing maximum harm to the lives of civilians, instilling fear, and inflicting suffering on their daily existence.

In the face of the Turkish occupation’s brutal aggressions, we reiterate our right to a legitimate response and our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our people and territories more than before. Our fighters, now more steadfast and resilient against the assaults of hostile forces, will not allow the Turkish occupation’s aggression to go unanswered. This is our renewed covenant to our brave and great people.

SDF General Command

January 14, 2024

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