Anti-ISIS Operation | 16 ISIS Terrorists and Facilitators Captured in al-Hasakah City

On February 22nd, our SDF military operations forces conducted a security operation against a group of ISIS cells in the al-Hasakah City.

During the operation, our forces apprehended 16 ISIS operatives and facilitators who were involved in carrying out terrorist attacks against our forces, and those who provided facilitation and support to ISIS cells in executing these terrorist acts.

Our forces have commenced investigations and interrogations with the apprehended operatives, and further details will be provided later.

Our forces reiterate their commitment to continue the fight against the ISIS remnants until the complete eradication of ISIS.

During the operation, our forces seized the following weapons, ammunition, and equipment:

1 – AK-47 rifles /3/.

2 – AK-74 rifle /1/.

3 – AK-47 magazines / 4 /.

4 – AK-74 magazines / 3 /.

5 – Hand grenade / 1 /.

6 – Pistols /1/ with one magazine.

7 – Military quiver / 1 /.


SDF Media Center

February 25, 2024

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