Anti-ISIS Operation | One ISIS Terrorist Arrested in Deir Ezzor Countryside

On February 21, our SDF Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT), with the support of the International Coalition forces, conducted a successful security operation in Al-Buneital village, Deir Ezzor countryside.
The operation targeted one of the ISIS terrorists named Husin Nawaf al-Husin, who was responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks that targeted the military forces and civil associations.
Supported by air surveillance from the International Coalition Forces, our forces successfully raided the house where the terrorist was hiding captured him, and confiscated the following:
Smartphones /2/
Ak-47 rifles /1/
Ak-47 magazines /2/
Pistol /1/
Pistol magazines /3/
Quantity of pistol ammunition
Quiver /1/
Wifi router /1/
Various personal documents and identification papers

Our SDF forces, in close partnership with the International Coalition forces, will persistently pursue ISIS terrorist cells to maintain security and stability in the regions of NE Syria.

SDF Media Centre
February 22, 2024

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