Final Statement | Operation Humanity and Security 3 Has Completed

At the beginning, we pay tribute to our martyrs: “Rabah Al-Ahmad, Yamin Shaddad, Muhammad Al-Sa’ed, and Abdul Salam Al-Ahmad,” as well as all our other martyrs, who played a significant role in Operation Humanity and Security 3 in al-Hol camp. They were martyred due to a treacherous UAV attack by the Turkish occupation while they were on a mission to secure essential needs to complete Operation Humanity and Security in the camp.

Based on our security, moral, and humanitarian duties towards the IDPs of the camp, and the confessions of some captured ISIS operatives about their attempts to reorganize themselves, taking advantage of the preoccupation of our military and security forces with countering the Turkish occupation attacks and the Syrian regime-backed sabotage cells, our Syrian Democratic Forces, the Internal Security Forces, under the leadership of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)—initiated the third phase of Operation Humanity and Security on January 27, with the backing and assistance of the International Coalition Forces.

The operation commenced with a heightened pace, adhering to its predetermined plan. A comprehensive sweep and inspection of all sectors of the camp were conducted, resulting in the uncovering of numerous mines, IEDs, tunnels, and suicide belts. Additionally, dozens of ISIS cell operatives and collaborators were captured.

The magnitude and quantities of weapons, ammunition, explosive belts, and handmade explosives serve as clear evidence of the terrorist cells’ preparations for large-scale terrorist operations within the camp and their attempts to seize control over the camp. Furthermore, it underscores the importance of the timing of this security operation.

During the operation, our forces successfully located and eliminated a senior ISIS terrorist known as Abu Sufian Al-Lahibi, who was responsible for orchestrating terrorist acts both inside and outside the camp, coordinating between ISIS terrorist cells and planning their attacks. Our forces have eliminated him along with another ISIS operative after locating and raiding their hideout.

In response to their pioneering role in the campaign, the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) succeeded in liberating a Yazidi woman called “Kovan Eido Khurto” from the clutches of ISIS. She had been abducted a decade ago during the ISIS brutal onslaught against her village Hardan in Shangal/Sinjar in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in August 2014.

The extremist ideology and Takfiri doctrine of ISIS persist within the camp. It is systematically promoted and instilled in the minds of children to create a new ISIS terrorist generation, posing a continued threat to the world. Therefore, individuals involved in propagating this extremist and Takfiri ideology in the camp were captured, notably the so-called “Primary Legislator in al-Hol Camp” known as “Abu Abdul-Hameed,” who directly spearheaded the dissemination of Takfiri ideology and issued fatwas calling for murder and threats against the camp IDPs.

Our forces have completed their tasks and responsibilities in this ten-day-long operation with utmost discipline, professionalism, and precision while considering all humanitarian conditions within the camp. To ensure the success of the operation and remove the threat to the IDPs, our forces have established a secure site to accommodate IDPs during the cleansing operations. Despite calls from the camp administration to non-governmental organizations to provide makeshift tents, the NGOs have failed to fulfill their role and provide the camp with adequate resources to alleviate the suffering of its inhabitants. To be clear, there is not sufficient support from non-governmental organizations.

The scant international attention and the insufficient commitment to address this issue and its escalated risk, particularly from concerned international organizations and institutions, makes resolving this dilemma exceedingly difficult. It leaves the Autonomous Administration and its security and military forces shouldered the full responsibility of mitigating the escalating terrorist threat and curbing the brutality of ISIS terrorist acts targeting the IDPs of the al-Hol camp.

Operation Humanity and Security has cut the way for ISIS and its terrorist schemes to strongly reorganize itself, carry out terrorist operations, and control the al-Hol camp and its surroundings. Our primary objective is to make the al-Hol camp a safe and stable place. Furthermore, repatriating ISIS families to their countries is of utmost importance. Eliminating the terrorist ideology of ISIS will render al-Hol camp and Syria secure, and it will ensure global safety and protection against ISIS terrorism and evils.

The third phase of Operation Humanity and Security in the al-Hol camp has been completed. Yet, our precise and focused security operations and campaigns will continue whenever necessary until achieving the enduring defeat of ISIS.

The following is the outcome of the operation:

ISIS operatives and collaborators captured: 85 terrorists

Confiscated weapons: Ak-47: 8, mines: 4, explosive belts: 7, hand grenades: 7, detonators: 25, RPG shells: 1, a quantity of ammunition, military supplies, and narcotics.

Tunnels demolished: five tunnels.


General Command of Internal Security Forces in North and Eastern Syria Region

February 6, 2024


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