Anti-ISIS Operation | An ISIS Senior Official Captured in Raqqa

On May 21, The Military Operations Teams (MOT) of our SDF forces conducted a precise and special security operation targeting one of the key leaders of ISIS cells in the northern countryside of Raqqa, known as Ayman Abdel Moati, aka Yacoub Al-Hadidi or Osama Al-Qurashi, who was the ISIS’s military official in Raqqa and the planner of all terrorist acts in Raqqa and its countryside, including bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, and intimidation of civilians.

Our MOT forces raided where the terrorist Ayman was hiding in Raqqa, and successfully captured him and confiscated the following:

  • Mobile phones /4/
  • Personal documents
  • Wi-Fi Router /1/
  • AK 47 /3/
  • AK 47 magazines /6/
  • Ak 47 ammunition /3000/
  • Anti-tank mines /2/
  • Anti-personal mines /2/
  • Explosive belts /3/
  • Pistol ammunition 9m.m/50/
  • Electronic circuits and batteries

Our forces affirm their unwavering commitment to tracking down and eliminating the ISIS terrorist cells, dismantling their hiding places, and cutting off their resources to preserve the security and stability of our regions and ensure the safety of our people.


 SDF Media Center

May 23, 2023

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