Outcome of the Turkish Aggression on North and Eastern Syria on May 31, 2024

In a new act of aggression, the Turkish occupation targeted with UAVs the regions of north and eastern Syria. On Friday afternoon and evening, Turkish UAVs targeted our positions eight times in addition to civilian homes and vehicles. This aggression resulted in both civilian and military casualties.

In the Tal Hamis area, a Turkish UAV struck one of our military positions and another self-defense point near Qamishlo city. Civilian casualties were also reported. UAVs targeted civilian homes in Qamishlo twice and civilian vehicles three times, injuring eleven civilians. Additionally, the Turkish UAVs targeted an ambulance attempting to evacuate wounded and martyrs.

As a result of this Turkish aggression, four of our fighters were martyred, and eleven civilians sustained injuries.

SDF Media Center
May 31, 2024


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