Two Anti-ISIS Operations | Two ISIS Dangerous Leaders Captured in Raqqa and Qamishlo

The Military Operations Teams (MOT) of our SDF forces have conducted two precise security operations that resulted in capturing two ISIS leaders in the cities of Qamishlo and Raqqa. One of the captured terrorists was involved in planning the VBIED attack in Al-Shuhail town on May 10th.

The first operation was on May 15th when our MOT forces captured the terrorist Ahmed Mahmoud al-Qurashi, aka Abu Moaz al-Kurdi, in Qamishlo. The terrorist Ahmed was a long-time ISIS member who participated in numerous terrorist attacks across Syria. Following ISIS’s defeat in Baghouz in 2019, he retreated to the Syrian desert (al-Badya), becoming a key figure in ISIS’s terrorist operations. His role involved securing ISIS activities, providing intelligence, and planning terrorist attacks. After a significant period in hiding, he infiltrated our areas where he planned the recent VBIED attack in Al-Shuhail on May 10th.  The second operation was conducted on the same day in Raqqa with support from the international coalition forces, targeting the terrorist Ahmed Thamer Al-Muhammad. Our MOT forces, acting on intelligence, surrounded where the terrorist was hiding in Raqqa and captured him. The terrorist Al-Muhammad was a prominent ISIS figure who continued his terrorist activities even after ISIS’s territorial defeat and transitioned to an intelligence-gathering and operational planning role after the geographic loss of ISIS strongholds. He rose to become a leader responsible for ISIS terrorist operations in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, reportedly receiving instructions from ISIS leaders hiding in Turkish-occupied areas.

These ongoing security operations highlight our unwavering commitment to dismantling the remnant terrorist cells of ISIS to ensure the region’s safety and stability.

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