Anti-ISIS Operation | Two ISIS Terrorists Captured in Tal Hamis

Our SDF Military Operational Teams (MOT) have conducted a security operation in the Eskandaron village in Tal Hamis’s countryside. The  operation targeted two ISIS operatives, Muhannad Mahjoub Al-Madloul aka “Abu Sham,” and Saad Mahjoub Al-Madloul aka “Abu Saddam.” These terrorists were involved in killings, kidnappings, and bombings in the area.

Our forces successfully captured them after imposing a tight siege on their hiding place and confiscated the following:

  1. AK-47 rifles /2/
  2. Ak-47 ammunition /80 rounds/
  3. AK-47 magazines /6/
  4. Smartphones /4/
  5. Cell phones /2/
  6. Tablets /2/

Our forces reaffirm their determination to combat terrorism with full force to maintain the security and stability of our NE Syria region.


SDF Media Center

June 15, 2024


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