Anti-ISIS Operation | A Terrorist Involved in Smuggling ISIS Families Captured in Tal Hamis

On May 30th, our SDF Military Operations Teams (MOT) captured an ISIS terrorist in the village of Abu Jern, Tal Hamis. The terrorist, Abdullah Muhammad Ibrahim (aka Abu Hisham), was actively smuggling ISIS members and families out of the al-Hol camp.

The terrorist Ibrahim was involved in smuggling children known as “Cubs of the Caliphate” and women affiliated with ISIS. He aimed to transport them to ISIS-controlled areas in the Syrian Badia desert and Turkish-occupied territories that harbored the ISIS key leaders. Our SDF confiscated a cell phone and two IDs Ibrahim intended to use for the smuggling operation.

Our SDF remains resolute in its fight against ISIS, vowing to continue security operations until the terrorist group is eradicated from our areas.

SDF Media Center

June 1, 2024

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