Violations and War Crimes Committed by the Turkish Occupation Against NE Syria Region in the First Half of 2024

During the first half of 2024, the Turkish occupation continued its violations and crimes against the people and regions of north and eastern Syria. These actions constitute war crimes. The Turkish attacks targeted areas from Derik to the town of Ain Issa and its countryside, extending to the city of Manbij and its surroundings and al-Shahba’a and Afrin areas, using UAVs, warplanes, and heavy artillery. The occupation also conducted double-tap strikes on infrastructure facilities, aiming to target medical personnel, civil defense, and media professionals.

At the beginning of this year, Turkish occupation forces focused on attacking infrastructure and civil facilities, including laboratories. By May and June, during the harvest season, they began targeting agricultural fields (wheat and barley), the primary source of income for the locals. This not only destroyed the crops but also caused environmental pollution. The targeting of oil stations in Qamishlo led to the pollution of nearby rivers, such as the Jagajag River. Villages and towns along the ceasefire line were repeatedly attacked, resulting in civilian injuries and property damage.

The summer season has exacerbated the suffering of our people due to frequent power outages, severely impacting the city of Qamishlo. In the city of Hasakah, the water supply was cut off by the Turkish occupation from the Alouk station, causing significant hardship.

The Turkish occupation committed a heinous war crime when it targeted the Wounded House in Qamishlo, resulting in the martyrdom of two war wounded (Sorkhwin Rojhalat and Azadi Derik), who were wounded during the war against ISIS.

The outcome of Attacks and Casualties

Total attacks: 339

Heavy weapon attacks: 249

UAV & warplane attacks: 86

Civilian martyrs: 4 (including a child and 2 women)

Civilian casualties: 52 (including 14 children and 6 women)

Military martyrs: 6

Targeted infrastructure facilities: 23

Agricultural Areas: 13


Infrastructure Facilities:

January 6: Um al-Keif silos in Tal Tamir

January 13: Gas station in Terpa Sipia

January 13: Oil station in West Terpa Sipia

January 14: Wheat store in al-Ghaba, Kobani, targeted with two raids affecting civil defense and media teams

January 14: Power stations in Amouda, Kobani, and Qamishlo

January 14, a driving school in the western countryside of Qamishlo.

January 14, a factory for making halva and tahini in the western countryside of Qamishlo.

January 14: Nerez Company in Sheikho, Qamishlo

February 14: Power station in Sweidia, Qamishlo.

February 14: Gas station in Koucharat, Derik.

February 15: Power stations in Derbasiya and Qamishlo

February 15: Aouda oil station and power station in Terpa Sipia.

February 15: Power station in Rumeilan, injuring the civilian Gabrin Farho.

February 1: Oil station in Qamishlo, polluting the Jagajag River

February 6: Poultry farm in Al-Nasro, Sarrin

February 11: The Wounded House in Qamishlo, leading to the martyrdom of Sorkhwin Rojhalat and Azadi Derik

February 26, a Poultry farm in the village of Ta’ana in Al-Shahba, led to the martyrdom of the civilian Youssef Al-Hayek and the injury of the child Abdul Rahman Al-Hayek.

April 19: Oil station in Terpa Sipia

May 20: Saeeda oil station in Terpa Sipia

June 5:


Targeted Villages, Towns, and Civilian Cars

February 12: Car in Corniche neighborhood, Qamishlo

February 26: Um Abd village in Al-Shahba

February 28: Four cars in Wankah village, Derik, injuring 3 civilians (Hayder Rustom, Rashid Saleh Omar, and Muhammad Amin Ismail)

March 1: Soganki village in Al-Shahba, injuring a woman (Amina Hikmat Muhammad)

March 3: Aoun Al-Dadat village in Manbij, causing a civilian house collapse

March 6: Kawkli village, Manbij region, causing material damage

March 7: Al-Hawshariya village, Manbij, injuring a civilian (Shaher Hamidi Khalawi) and partially destroying his house.

March 9: Sheikh Issa village, Al-Shahba, injuring Muhammad Talib Humaidan and his son Talib Muhammad Humaidan.

March 17: Bayloniya village, Afrin, resulting in the martyrdom of Ali Abd al-Rahman Muhammad and injuring another civilian.

March 25: Sherawa village, Afrin, resulting in the martyrdom of Rashid Hamo Abd al-Hanan.

April 3: Car targeted in Kobani, causing material damage.

April 6: Al-Sayadah village, Manbij, causing material damage.

April 15: Al-Tokhar village, Manbij, causing material damage.

April 18: A civilian car in Ain Batt, Kobani, seriously injured Ali Mustafa Othman and his wife Halima Muhammad Othman.

April 23: Aoun al-Dadat village, Manbij, causing material damage.

April 23: Sha’ala village, Al-Shahba, causing material damage

April 26: Aoun Al-Dadat village, Manbij, injuring a child

April 30: Shawargah village, Afrin, causing material damage

May 2: Al-Sayadah village, Manbij, injuring Ahmed Al-Ali

May 5: Aoun Al-Dadat village, Manbij, injuring a child (Hassan Al-Bakkar)

May 14: Al-Sayada village, Manbij, injuring a civilian and a soldier from Damascus government forces

May 18: Al-Jatt village in Manbij, injuring 3 civilians (Ramadan Abdel Bakir, Waseem Ibrahim Al-Omar, and Muhammad Al-Faisal Al-Saleh)

May 23: Um Satah village in Manbij, resulting in the martyrdom of Futaim Al-Dandan and injuring her husband (Fayez Al-Abd), mother (Zaila Al-Ibrahim), daughter (Ilham Al-Hilal), and her two children (Fadi Al-Hilal and Abdullah Al-Hilal)

May 31: Red Crescent vehicle in Tal Tamir, injuring civilians including children.

May 31: Civilian homes and cars in Qamishlo, injuring 11 civilians including women and children from one family (Musa Musa, Amin Musa, Nuha Musa, Maryam Daoud Mahmoud, Hani Yassin Musa, the child Laith Ibrahim Musa, the child Muhammad Al-Musa, Izz al-Din Suleiman Musa).


Attacks on Agricultural Lands and Crops

April 6: Agricultural fields in Baghdaki, Kobani

May 7: Agricultural fields in Al-Sayada, Manbij, leading to fires

May 8: Agricultural fields in Harbel, Al-Shahba

May 10: Crops in northern Ain Issa, burning tens of hectares

May 11: Agricultural fields in Al-Washli, Manbij, burning approximately 200 hectares and 3,000 olive trees

May 18: Agricultural lands in Samouqa, Al-Shahba, injuring civilians including children (Faris Khalaf Ibrahim and Matar Fadel Ibrahim)

May 24: Wheat fields in Rabi’at, Zarkan, causing major fires

May 24: Wheat fields in Al-Saramda, east of Ain Issa, burning tens of hectares.

June 1: Agricultural lands in Al-Sayada, Manbij, causing fires.

June 2: Doda village in Amuda, burning hundreds of hectares.

June 11: Agricultural land in Aoun Al-Dadat, Manbij, injuring a civilian (Muhammad Al-Jassem).

June 19: Aoun Al-Dadat, Manbij, injuring a civilian and targeting crops in Al-Mohsenli, northwest of Manbij, with incendiary bullets causing fires.

On June 28, the Turkish occupation bombed the village of Koltab in the city of Kobani, causing a fire to break out in crops.

Attacks on Military and Security Points

May 31: Syrian Democratic Forces point in Tal Hamis and a self-defense point near Qamishlo, resulting in the martyrdom of 4 fighters.

June 3: Turkish UAVs targeted Kobani, resulting in the martyrdom of two members of the Internal Security Forces.


SDF Media Center 

July 7, 2024

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