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A brief on a martyr life

The martyr: Samir Sheikh Mous Shamdi, a citizen from Hasakah district who worked in agriculture and free work, joined the people protection units in 2013, he passed a training course in (Martyr Khabat) academy where he took cultural and military lessons in both theorical and practical aspects. He participated in

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New working plan for asphalting roads

Al-Hasaka- people Municipality is working on asphalting roads and maintaining the infrastructure in Nawroz suburb in Hasaka District that suffers from lack of services, via setting new plan for 2019 year. The administrative member (Zozan Darwish) in the technical department clarified that the nature of the work plan: "we worked

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Physical Therapy House in Al – Hasakah

Hasakah - The Physical Therapy House in Hasakah helps and treatment to fighters who have suffered combat injuries. Where the fighters in the ranks of SDF to the injury of nerve and muscle may reach the extent of disability, the House of physical therapy provides the necessary treatment and health

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